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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Another year is coming to a close and I thought it was the best time to start a blog
to keep people informed on what is going on with our family. This Christmas has really
been a time to relax and take time with each other.

December brought lots of excitement for our family! Matthew started at Sunshine
Country Day School two days a week and is loving the time he is spending there.
Everyday there is something new he comes home with that he colored or what he did that day.
He is really having fun and learning to get along with others. On the days he isn't there,
he gets to go to Aunt Sally's house and play there- which he loves as well. He truly gets the best of both worlds!
He is running, walking, climbing and doing whatever he can to get into mischief. He is in constant motion! Although his speech is a bit behind, we have been working with him and he comes out with new words daily. He is always smiling and loves playing with his friends. We call him the mayor because he shakes everyones hand who he meets. His favorite shows are Thomas, Wonder Pets and Backyardigans- and boy- did Santa take care of him in that department!!!
Marybeth went to another New Kids on the Block concert on December 20th. Its an obsession that keeps on going through the years! She went to the concert with Paula, Kerri and Nikki at the House of Blues and ended up on the floor! Such a good time!
Damian continues to work diligently on his book on his ancestry and has made some amazing connections with his research within the family.

We will celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary this week and toast to a very challenging but happy three years with lots of hope that it has all made us stronger.

We are all really looking forward to 2010...all sorts of new things are coming....including Baby Girl Dodd to be born in January 2010! We are looking forward to a vacation to see the family in Florida in March as well as Matthew's 2 year birthday! Unreal! Time goes by so fast!